Image of Protecting Their Baby


Image of Protecting Their Baby

PROTECTING THEIR BABY (3) by Sheri WhiteFeather: Investigator Rex Sixkiller and Lisa Gordon, who owns a dance studio, shared a night of sizzling sex but knew that's all it would be. Until six weeks later, when Lisa tells Rex that he's about to become a father. They agree to co-parent the baby but don't think a relationship will work. Then they find a mutilated doll in Lisa's car that resembles a newborn baby, and Rex promises to do everything to protect her and their baby. As the harassment escalates and the two spend more time together, they realize there's more than just the baby pulling them together. Readers will probably figure out the culprit fairly early in this new addition to the Warrior Society series, but will enjoy watching two people who barely know each other fall in love.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers