Derek is rugged, tough, and so very naughty. How he talks to Ginger is guaranteed to thrill and she gives as good as she gets. The sexy banter between the couple is hot enough to singe the pages, but the emotions remain genuine and real. Derek gives Ginger so much more than incredibly hot sex, which makes his possessiveness tolerable because it's based on emotional need, not ownership. He also cares a great deal about her younger sister, Willa, something that means the world to Ginger.

After months of no contact Ginger's mom shows up incredibly drunk with a bag full of cash and passes out. Ginger sees this as a golden opportunity towards a new life. She takes her younger sister, Willa, grabs the money and leaves town, starting over again in Chicago. Her new neighbor, Derek, is a serious no-nonsense police lieutenant and from the moment they make eye contact the heat is definitely on. Ginger makes him lose control and despite knowing her just a short time, he feels possessive. She belongs to him, with him, forever. When Derek looks into Ginger's past he discovers that her mom owes money to a very bad man, and because Ginger is now the one with the money, he must protect her from danger. (ENTANGLED BRAZEN, Feb., dl., $2.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Anna Dougherty