In the third entry in her Summoning series, Owens presents Calli, a spunky and intelligent heroine with an undeniable love of animals and a desire to live a full life. Owens has an easy and engaging writing style which, when combined with her intriguing characters and interesting setting, makes for a fast and compelling read.

While recovering from a broken pelvis, horsewoman Calli Torcher is summoned to the exotic world of Lladrana, where she's intended to become the Exotique in charge of the flying horses known as volarans. When the volarans stopped obeying their chevaliers, the Lladranans made the decision to summon an Exotique to help them, because the volarans are an essential tool in the fight against darkness. If Calli is able to fulfill her mission and survive with no battle experience or knowledge of strategy, she'll be rewarded with everything she's ever wanted from life and been denied on Earth: a mate, a spread of land and children. (Luna, Feb., 560 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs