Image of Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge


Image of Proud Greek, Ruthless Revenge
PROUD GREEK, RUTHLESS REVENGE (4.5) by Chantelle Shaw: Thanos Savakis vows revenge against Tahlia Reynolds, the unscrupulous woman he holds responsible for his sister's marital breakup. His plan is simple -- force her father's company into bankruptcy and put an end to her pampered lifestyle. But he doesn't count on his murderous rage competing with Tahlia's innate sexual appeal, and soon he's offering to settle her father's debts in exchange for her services as a mistress. To keep a roof over her parents' head, Tahlia has no choice but to agree. How will Thanos react when he discovers she's still a virgin? Sexual tension and strong emotions are skillfully depicted in this compelling read.
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Madan