When Cheyenne warrior Neeheeowee rides into the Kiowa camp, he is looking for revenge, not a woman. He is surprised to find a girl he once knew, Julia Wilson, a captive. He trades his horses for her, instead of for the guns he needs to avenge his wife and unborn child's deaths.

Julia has secretly cared for Neeheeowee for years. Now married to Lt. Kenneth Wilson, she believes Neeheeowee will return her to Fort Leavenworth; instead he asks her to stay with him and return to the Lakota camp.

Neeheeowee, Proud Wolf, will not marry until he has fulfilled his vow and killed the Pawnee who took his wife's life. Julia helps him to understand that revenge will not set him free, rather forgiveness will.

While this romance is very rich in Indian lore, the plot is all too familiar and predictable to Indian romance fans. Nonetheless, if you enjoy Native American culture and a story of star-crossed lovers, then PROUD WOLF'S WOMAN is a book you will enjoy. SENSUAL (July, 368 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Evelyn Feiner