Image of Provocative in Pearls


Image of Provocative in Pearls

The second installment of the Rarest Blooms quartet presents the concept of two unlikely people brought together under unusual circumstances who discover a surprising passion. Always striving for the unusual, Hunter gifts readers with a fantastic story that reaches into the heart of relationships and allows her to deliver
a deep-sigh read.

After being forced into marriage with the Earl of Hawkeswell, Verity Thompson flees to London, finding shelter with the Rarest Blooms. Meanwhile, Hawkeswell has been unable to use Verity's inheritance to ease his financial straits. He must find proof that she is either dead or alive.

Once she's discovered, Verity realizes she must return to Hawkeswell, but she makes a bargain. Hawkeswell will get three kisses a day, and if Verity still wants her freedom, they will agree to a financial arrangement and an annulment. Verity underestimates the power of a kiss and the force of desire. Soon she boldly takes what Hawkeswell gives. They suit each other quite well in the bedroom, but old fears must be overcome and the disappearance of Verity's childhood friend uncovered before passion leads the way to a true marriage based on trust and love. (JOVE, Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin