Marlena Lord is devastated by the death of her father. Though she's barely begun to grieve, her father's political allies are pressuring her to run for his seat in Congress. Never having thought of entering politics, she takes her time deliberating. Even when wealthy developer Miles Chase is brought in to coax her into the political arena, Marlena is hesitant. As sparks ricochet between them, Marlena is determined to keep her wits about her, even if she can't keep her hands off Miles.

Miles is blown away by his physical and emotional reaction to Marlena. His conscience forces him to tell her she's been set up by her father's cronies and he's in on it. In a bid to regain her trust, Miles helps her outwit her opponents, but neither is prepared for the dangerous secrets and dark betrayals that lie in wait.

In this tale of chilling suspense and sizzling romance, Ms. Walker once again captivates her audience with her talent, style and the standard of excellence she sets for her novels. (Apr., 240 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson