Image of Public Marriage, Private Secrets


Image of Public Marriage, Private Secrets
PUBLIC MARRIAGE, PRIVATE SECRETS (3) by Helen Bianchin: Although Gianna is legally married to billionaire Raul Velez-Saldana, she hasn’t seen him in years — not since she caught him with one of his former mistresses. But Raul’s mother is dying, and she asks to see Gianna one more time. Despite serious misgivings, Gianna leaves her life in Australia and returns to Raul’s ancestral home. After all, he’s a busy man and she’ll hardly see him, right? When the truth about their shared past is revealed, Gianna and Raul will have to learn how to trust each other all over again. This is a sweet story with an emotionally satisfying ending, but the info-dump at the beginning may turn some readers off.
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Rhomylly Forbes