Image of Public Scandal, Private Mistress


Image of Public Scandal, Private Mistress
Veronica Bell starts her new life with a trip to Paris after helping her parents run their farm in New Zealand. She throws caution to the winds and spends a wonderful night with a charming hunk. When she meets up with some friends, she's shocked that Lucien Ryder, her mystery lover, is a family member. He seems to be in hiding, but no one is talking. Luc wants is to spend time with Veronica, then a pregnant woman shows up claiming Luc is the father and Veronica doesn't wait around for any explanations. Susan Napier's Public Scandal, Private Mistress (4.5) is a sexy and passionate romp with two people who find that what they thought was an end is just the beginning. The hero is fun and totally outrageous, but in matters of the heart, he's a real prince.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers