Image of Anne Elizabeth's Pulse of Power


Image of Anne Elizabeth's Pulse of Power

Anne Elizabeth's writing is brilliant, hilarious and charming! Pulse is
a magically charged story and one worth labeling as a "keeper." Tia Stanton
is a new kind of heroine and her magical journey is one readers will enjoy
embarking on as she comes to grips with her new reality.

The dastardly demon Rabisu has been freed onto the earthly plane. The men of Brinn, holders of metaphysical leashes, caused this occurrence by tying several alien planets to Earth and now it's up to them to fix it. But they must do it quickly, before Rabisu can get control of a large pool of power lying beneath Greenwich, Conn., and enslave the human population. The best hope the men of Brinn have is to enlist the help of a girl from Earth. So they take a part of their own magical power, perform a ritual, and send it to an optimal soul — Tia Stanton.

 An Academy girl through and through, Tia doesn¹t curse, though one or two curses might have actually helped her out of a couple of jams. Tia also isn¹t given to dramatics, is very conscientious of others and walks the straight and narrow. So, when she receives this un-asked-for gift, she does what comes naturally, she helps others. But the magic is new, uncontrollable and wild. Soon her friends are in trouble, her own life is in danger and an powerful evil demon wants Tia's magic and will stop at nothing to acquire it.
Tia has to figure everything out fast.
When at last, Tia comes face-to-face with these strange souls: the men of Brinn who willed her magic and invade her dreams, and this frighteningly large, vicious demon, she doesn¹t know whom to trust. There is no instruction book to give her guidance. Feeling unprepared and untutored in the magics that are now hers, Tia must rely on a different kind of help  — empowerment and the belief of self. When she takes this big step to control her fear, Tia's instincts and confidence kick into high gear and lead the way. Tia becomes "The Power" able to reckon with any type of pesky demon. There is no monster that can stand in her way. But magic doesn¹t guarantee friends or give you love. That¹s a whole other kind of special talent.
(Dynamite Entertainment, Jul., 48 pp., $7.99, Graphic Novel, ISBN: 9781606901700)


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Reviewed by: 
Ruth Walters