Amanda Travis, a young criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach, has brains, beauty and success. But there's a darker side to her fairy-tale life, as she searches for happiness with a string of one-night stands.

After receiving a message from her ex-husband, Ben, Amanda's memories of her past and of their intense love come flooding back. But Ben has not phoned to suggest a reunion. He wants Amanda to return to Toronto, where Amanda's mother, Gwen, has shot and killed a man for no apparent reason, and Ben is acting as her attorney.

Fielding draws the reader into her well-crafted novel, with its expertly drawn characters and aura of suspense. Gwen refuses to disclose her reasons for shooting a man in cold blood, and Amanda and Ben must delve into the past to uncover the twisted connection between Gwen and the victim.

Fielding never disappoints, but Puppet is quite possibly her best effort yet—masterful fiction, involving the reader in the past and present as a tangled mystery unfolds. (Jan., 352 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick