Image of Purchased His Perfect Wife (Wedlocked! #2763)


Image of Purchased His Perfect Wife (Wedlocked! #2763)
Lara Sommers is at her wits' end. The partner she started her restaurant with has left town with all of her money, so Lara turns to her stepfather. He's happy to help out, but he and her mother are killed in an accident before she receives the loan. In dire straits, Lara turns to her stepfather's son, Wolfe Alexander, a sexy man with loads of magnetism whom Lara is secretly attracted to. Before he agrees to help, he wants something in return. Helen Bianchin has created a dynamic pair in Wolfe and Lara, a charismatic hunk and a strong-willed woman who doesn't immediately fall under his spell, which makes for some interesting interactions. Purchased: His Perfect Wife (4.5) is a heartfelt journey of caring, respect and, of course, some scorching hot passion that packs an emotional punch.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers