Jewelry designer Paris Delight and Developer Tobias Quinn have been at logger heads for years. The decades-old feud between their families is only the first bone of contention. There is also the small matter of Tobias' being the despised ex-husband of Paris' sister, mystery writer Cynthia Delight-Quinn.

Paris has been building a name and reputation for herself by designing privately commissioned jewelry. Recently someone has been stealing her designs and making knock-off copies. If she doesn't stop the culprit soon, her hard-won reputation will be ruined.

Tobias knows he has business enemies-who doesn't? But someone seems hellbent on destroying him professionally and personally. Tobias needs to get a handle on this situation fast or his whole empire could be jeopardized. Getting Paris to help him approach her crazy reclusive grandfather, Pops Delight, may be the only way to uncover the truth behind recent events.

The stakes are raised dramatically when the forces behind the sabotage use murder to achieve their goals. Despite their own enmity, Tobias and Paris find themselves battling unseen enemies to save both their lives and their careers. The intense sexual attraction between them only clouds an already complicated relationship. Banding together is their only viable option, but old grievances make trusting each other nearly impossible.

For high-voltage intrigue and excitement, laced with just the right dose of dangerous sensuality, look no further than Stella Cameron's terrific Zebra suspense release, PURE DELIGHTS. (Oct., 432 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith