Image of Pure Princess, Bartered Bride


Image of Pure Princess, Bartered Bride
PURE PRINCESS, BARTERED BRIDE (2) by Caitlin Crews: King Josef of Miravakia wants to preserve his kingdom, so he makes plans to set up a political marriage for his daughter, Princess Gabrielle. She is to marry Luc Garnier without meeting him until the wedding. Right after the ceremony, Gabrielle realizes she's made a huge mistake. Luc might be hot, but they don't connect on a personal level. She runs, but Luc finds her and expects her to make a go of the marriage. On the last page, Luc asks Gabrielle, "how can you love a man who abuses you so terribly, chases you and then abandons you, believes the worst of you and accuses you of every sin imaginable?" You'll ask the same question.
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Sandra Garcia-Myers