PURE SIN is pure pleasure -entertaining, sensual, tempting and delicious. Susan Johnson never disappoints those who crave a romantic erotic night's read.

The night Adam Serre meets Lady Flora Bonhom he makes it perfectly clear that he is not interested in marriage; his selfish wife has just left him. But the brilliant English anthropologist will not be deterred and plots to tempt Adam as no other has or ever will.

Setting out to seduce him presents Flora with some problems, but winning over his daughter's affection, loosing a bet, and perseverance enable the daring Flora to win her man -at least in bed.

These two ignite a glorious passion like an addiction that defies all else -except Adam's mission to help his Native American brothers in their fight for survival against a vicious band of soldiers.

Torn between his twin passions -Flora and his people -Adam struggles to do what is best and with Flora's help succeeds in destroying his most hostile enemies.

Susan Johnson is a queen of erotic, exciting romance who soars to new heights with each novel, enticing readers into a realm of wonderful storytelling and sensual fantasy. PURE SIN is simply one more superb example of her unique talents and a definite keeper for the more adventurous reader. SPICY (Dec., 500 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin