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Image of The Purrfect Murder (Mrs. Murphy)


Image of The Purrfect Murder (Mrs. Murphy)

Longtime readers will enjoy
catching up with Harry, Mrs.
Murphy and the gang in Crozet,
though newcomers to this cozy
series may find it dizzying keeping
track of the many residents and
their pets (especially when the
pets are named Mrs. Murphy,
Matilda and Tucker, and the
humans are named Fair, Tazio
and Folly). There's a lot of town dynamics and gossip, but not a
lot of mystery solving in the first
100 pages.

When well-liked local doctor Will Wylde is killed, ostensibly by an anti-abortion extremist, the town of Crozet is on edge. But then one of the town's wealthy ladies who lunch, Carla Paulson, is murdered at a fundraiser.

The irrepressible Harry Harristeen, who fancies herself an amateur sleuth, is shocked when a friend of hers is arrested. With the help of cats Mrs. Murphy and Pewter and dog Tucker, she investigates both deaths -- and finds some shocking ties and buried secrets. (BANTAM, Feb., 272 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino