For those readers who have avidly followed the Malory series, THE PURSUIT, a spin-off of Love Me Forever, is a must-read. The romance between Melissa (Kimberly Richards and Lachlan MacGregor's daughter) and Lincoln Ross Butnett, 7th Viscount of Cambury, is highly romantic and very amusing.

It is love at first sight for Melissa and Lincoln, but the MacFearson men remember Lincoln as a perpetually angry boy just itching for a fight, and they are not sure he has changed much since then. With 16 overprotective MacFearson uncles to safeguard her innocence, it's not going to be easy for Lincoln to win Melissa's hand in marriage.

Though the story has many humorous moments as the uncles plot to keep the lovers apart, there is also poignancy as Lincoln comes to grips with his past and the deep feelings of love and hate he has for his mother. It is these dark emotions that lift THE PURSUIT out of the realm of ordinary, light-hearted romps and make it a fitting addition to the Malory Chronicles.

However, though Ms. Lindsey's newer fans will find this as charming and fun as her more recent titles, it lacks the sizzle of earlier novels such as Captive Bride. SENSUAL (Apr., 222 pp., $19.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin