Image of Pursuit


Image of Pursuit

With a writing style
that's lyrical yet filled
with gritty and graphic details, Jennings immediately stakes out her territory in the romantic suspense field. Having faced trauma and death, this hero and heroine have been forged in fire, and their personalities reflect it. Intense drama, creeping suspense and a tender love story all add up to top-notch entertainment.

Sheltered heiress Charlotte Court discovers she has well-developed survival instincts when businessman Robert Haine decides to take over Court Industries by killing Charlotte and her father. However, things don't go as planned; a wounded Charlotte manages to escape. Nevertheless, Robert makes sure that she's accused of killing her father.

Sick and wounded, Charlotte manages to evade her pursuers and flee to Mexico, where she meets Navy SEAL Matt Sanders, who's recovering from grievous injuries he sustained in Afghanistan. Drawn to each other, these two wounded souls start a tentative relationship. Matt senses that Charlotte is keeping dark secrets; can he get her to trust him? Unfortunately for Charlotte, with billions on the line, the killer is not about to give up. (FOREVER, Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith