Image of Pursuit of Justice (Call of Duty)


Image of Pursuit of Justice (Call of Duty)

Book three in Mills’ Call of Duty series is a character-driven story that is sure to keep you reading long into the night. Both Carr and Bella are tough yet vulnerable characters readers will find endearing.

Carr Sullivan believes he’s under the curse of the Spider Rock treasure when three treasure hunters are found dead on his ranch. He’ll do anything to prove he’s innocent of murder by working closely with the FBI agents in their investigation. But he doesn’t count on developing feelings for one of them. Special Agent Bella Jordan is one of the FBI’s most promising agents. But she doesn’t reveal to her superiors her personal connection to the suspects in the case. Can Bella keep a clear head while hunting down the killers, or will her past cause her to make deadly mistakes? (TYNDALE, Oct., 369 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Chandra McNeil