With her identical twin sister happily wed, Lady Cassandra Effington is happily unmarried. She wants what most men aren't willing to give—their hearts.

The "infamous" Lord Berkley has a reputation as a rake to uphold, but he also needs to find a wife. He thinks he's found the perfect candidate in Cassandra, but how to woo the lady into his arms?

When it becomes possible to make a wager, Berkley jumps at the chance. Can he find Cassandra "Lord Perfect" before she finds him "Miss Wonderful?"

This delightfully engaging, delicious, sexy romp is laugh-out-loud funny. Readers are regaled by the matchmaking pair's schemes and how they get caught in their own traps. Alexander's charming wit and steamy sensuality grab hold and don't let you go for one second. Sheer pleasure! SENSUAL (Jun., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin