Two bodies are found in Derbyshire in the Nine Sisters Henge. Both were brutally killed, but in different ways and with different weapons. This sensitive case is handed to DI Thomas Lynley when it is discovered that the female body belongs to the daughter. However, instead of his usual assistant, Barbara Havers, Thomas assigns DC Winston Nkata to the case.

Thomas has been unable to comprehend the circumstances that led to Barbara threatening a superior officer in a case down in Essex. Their usual collaborative relationship has become very strained. Barbara has tried not to count the cost of her actions, as it saved a young childs life, but her demotion and Thomas mistrust have been hard to bear.

Luckily, Winston has no hesitation about bringing Barbara into the case. At first it doesnt seem likely that the lives of the two victims had ever intersected, but as all parties dig deeper, a disturbing pattern emerges. No one is who they seem in this confusing case.

A Top Pick in hardcover, IN PURSUIT OF THE PROPER SINNER is an intricately plotted and complex tale from a true master of the suspense genre. Fans will be left hungering not only for the next mystery, but the continuing drama between the characters. (Nov., 576 pp., $7.50—Hardcover published October 1999)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith