Image of Push (The Game)


Image of Push (The Game)

Push is the sequel fans of Rush have been anxiously awaiting. The same heart-stopping adrenaline is here, though perhaps in smaller doses. During these respites, readers will love watching Miki grow into herself. She continues to be the highlight of the series; she’s impossible not to like. The thrilling plot, mystery and especially the characters, work to create a novel that readers will once again breathlessly stay up all night to finish.

During the last battle of Rush, Miki Jones lost more than she could bear. But she isn’t going to let that stop her or her team in their fight to survive. Miki can’t shake the feeling that she is being watched. But is it the Drau, the mysterious Committee — or something else all together? She is pulled into the Game again, but this time it goes even further. Before, you had to follow the rules to survive. Now, it’s break them — or die. (KATHERINE TEGEN, Jun., 352 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780062192219, HC, 14 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Julie Knowles