With her innate skills of hypnotism and misdirection, Teryn was born to fight. While she never gets weary of defeating her enemy, she is also a woman and longs for someone she can lean on. Drel is the perfect companion for the hardened Teryn. Although he is not a warrior, he has a fighter’s courage and will do anything to right his past wrongs and keep Teryn safe. The story’s nonstop fighting and wonderfully inventive weaponry will have science fiction fans excited, while the solace and support that Teryn feels when with Drel will make romance readers sigh in longing. This novella is the perfect escape for anyone looking for a fast-paced, thrilling story interspersed with sweet moments of love between two people in desperate need of each other.

Teryn Pilander leads a Shadow Corps team in the intergalactic Limit War. Tasked with helping to save vulnerable planets against the rampaging Dusk Warriors, Teryn is called to Viela in order to interrogate an enemy officer. However, the message is false and she and her team are captured. 

Communications expert Drel Kol lured the Shadow Corps to his planet under false pretenses and feels incredibly guilty for his part in their imprisonment. Ever since he heard Teryn’s voice he has felt a connection to the fierce female warrior, and when they come face to face, Drel knows he will fight with his life to see she is set free. Teryn and Drel must overcome their mistrust for each other if they are to work together to battle the Dusk Warriors and survive on the unforgiving planet. But if they are successful, then they will stop the destruction of a people as well as find peace with each other in a universe taken over by war. (LIQUID SILVER BOOKS, July 2011, dl. $5.75)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne