Image of The Quaker and the Rebel (Civil War Heroines Series)


Image of The Quaker and the Rebel (Civil War Heroines Series)

This series starter set during the Civil War has romance, secrets and spies. The characters, compelled by their beliefs, risk everything to help slaves gain freedom. Ellis has written a well thought-out novel with great historical details about the war and the Underground Railroad.

Now on her own, Emily is looking for a way to continue her parents’ Underground Railroad efforts. She becomes a governess to a doctor and his family in Virginia and begins to figure out who in the area is working for the Underground Railroad and who she should avoid. As a Quaker, she can’t sit back and do nothing, but she must be careful to hide her mission from her employer, a slaveowner. The doctor’s nephew, Alexander Hunt, is interested in Emily, but he too has secrets in the same vein as Emily’s that could get him killed. As they carry out their joint but hidden efforts, will they start a future together or be taken down? (HARVEST HOUSE, Jan., 352 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans