After spending one night with a handsome Englishman shortly before her college graduation, fashionista Lizzie Nichols is head over heels. She saves up her money so that she can spend one month with Andy in London. Thirty pounds lighter and ready for some summer fun, Lizzie is thrown for a loop when, at her graduation party, she's advised that technically she hasn't graduated -- a 50-page senior thesis on the history of fashion separates her from her degree.

With her nontransferable plane ticket at the ready, Lizzie goes ahead with the trip as planned. It's quickly evident that Andy is not who she imagined him to be. Just days into her trip, she heads to France to visit her best friend, Shari, and Shari's boyfriend. On the Chunnel, Lizzie confides her woes to an American stranger, and when they get off at the same station, she realizes her secrets may get out sooner than she expected.

After 25-plus novels, it's no secret that Cabot is one heck of a storyteller. She's got a fun, familiar, chatty tone and is able to infuse humor into almost any scenario. Although the premise is a bit thin -- most notably, the heroine's relationship expectations and obliviousness writing a senior thesis -- there is plenty of gossip, romance and humor to keep you the pages turning. (Jun., 320 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg