Image of Queen of Babble in the Big City


Image of Queen of Babble in the Big City

Cabot's follow-up to 2006's Queen of Babble is another entertaining adventure in the life of fashion fanatic Lizzie Nichols. She's not the most endearing, charismatic or original character, but Cabot's winning writing ultimately saves the story, despite last-minute plot deviations that serve only to keep the series going.

Life, as always, is eventful for Lizzie Nichols. Cohabitating with her doctor-to-be boyfriend in his parents' apartment in New York City, she keeps busy looking for a job, sorting out her friend Shari's love life and not going back home with her tail between her legs.

With her love for fashion as strong as ever, Lizzie agrees to work part time for a bridal shop, the one caveat being that she's working for free. During the day she answers phones at the law firm of a friend's father. Then life gets really interesting when Shari drops a huge bombshell on Lizzie, and Lizzie is given more opportunity to show the world at large her bridal wizardry. (Morrow, Jul., 320 pp., $22.95)
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Lauren Spielberg