Image of Queen of Candesce: Book Two of Virga


Image of Queen of Candesce: Book Two of Virga

This second book in Schroeder's interesting Virga series boasts an array of solid and believable characters. Venera is an interesting -- if somewhat unlikable -- protagonist whose motives and machinations are clearly delineated.
As in the first book, the worldbuilding is superb -- Schroeder has created a highly fantastical and logical universe.

Venera Fanning, who was last seen plummeting into nothingness, has now landed, somewhat dramatically, on the artificial world of Spyre, one of many within Virga, an unimaginably gigantic air-filled balloon. Pulled into the commercial and political enterprises of the tiny nation of Liris, Venera comes to find new allies and enemies, some of whom can be trusted and manipulated, and others who cannot. Her goal isn't only survival but to regain the Key to Candesce, the largest artificial sun within Virga, and to find out if her husband has survived -- all while exacting a bit of revenge on her many enemies. (Tor, Aug., 336 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Natalie A. Luhrs