Though technically a well-written story, QUEEN OF CHERRY VALE would have had stronger emotional impact if there was more action and less introspection. But this story of the hardships and adventures of the
westward expansion will touch your heart.

Every woman wants a place where she is queen of her domain. Hattie Rommel is no different. Her husband dreams of Oregon, but on the trip west, he dies and his dream becomes Hattie's nightmare. Two weeks after his death, the head of the wagon train declares she will choose a husband from the available men or be turned out. Hattie chooses outsider Emmett Lachlan to be her temporary husband against his will.

A few days into the journey, Hattie is badly injured. They must abandon the wagon train and wait for Hattie to heal or die. Together they heal the parts of themselves and each other that are the most broken.

(June, 248 pp., dl $4.30, dk $6.60)

Reviewed by: 
Deborah Brent