The sole survivor of a carriage accident, 3-year-old Lady Charlotte is also the only witness to her mother's murder. Abducted by the hired killer, she is given to his childless sister, who names her Queenie.

With her new mother's death, Queenie goes to London and discovers that the Cardes are searching for Charlotte. Fearful of what might happen, she changes her name and relocates to France, where she becomes a modiste. She returns to England as Madame Lescartes.

When she confronts the Cardes, she meets Lord Harry Harking, who is hunting down his thieving brother-in-law. They strike a bargain: He will escort her to a ball if she will help him catch the thief.

Queenie and Harry are thrust into a dangerous situation, and then love blooms. But best of all is how cleverly Metzger shuffles the pieces of the puzzle that is their lives until they form a complete and happily-ever-after picture.

Filled with Metzger's signature wry wit, delightful characters and delightfully tangled plot, the third book in the House of Cards series is a winner. SENSUAL (Jun., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin