The Dragons return! There are few more alluring creatures than Abe's shapeshifting drakon with their imaginative stories and pulse-pounding adventures. This talented author has perfected the legend and created a
sensual world of magic and desire
that truly soars.

Deep in the Carpathian Mountains a band of drakons have survived for centuries without the knowledge that there are others like them. After meeting her English "relatives," Princess Maricara begins corresponding with Lord Kimber Langford, the Earl of Chasen and the alpha of his clan. He cannot ignore the existence of another drakon tribe, but Kimber fears that if the princess knows his clan exists, others will discover them and hunt them down.

It's not an outsider but the princess who infiltrates Darkfrith and steals Kimber's heart. She's his ideal mate, but she's also exotic, strong-willed and bold. And Maricara brings a dire warning: The hunters are out there and the drakon must band together to prevent extinction. Their volatile partnership is the only way to protect their kind, but it will only work if they can form an alliance based on trust and passion. If not, their tribes are doomed. (Bantam, Jan., 300 pp., $18.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin