As the new lord of Wolfhurst, Alex de Mandeville is intent upon freeing his villages of an animal preying upon their herds. He has no idea that by going into the forests he is courting danger-not from wild beasts, but from the outlaws living within the glades.

When her arrow finds its mark in Alex, Giselle tends his wounds, knowing she risks her safety, yet doing what is right. Though Robin Hood and her other friends worry, Giselle heals the nobleman and when he is returned home he cannot forget the sweet angel who nursed him.

When Alex finds the opportunity to bring Giselle into his keep, he leaps at the chance to make her his own. Realizing that she is attracted to Alex, Giselle agrees to stay with him, but never believes he would wish to marry her.

Alex sets out to win Giselle's heart and to prove to her that he is an honorable, trustworthy man and a just lord, worthy of her love and Robin's respect. It is not an easy task, yet love finds a way to fight his and her enemy and bring peace to the once lawless forests.

Dene Cody brings the wondrous world of Robin Hood to light with her own special re-creation of the legend. Robin and his men play a secondary role in this lush, richly detailed and marvelously romantic tale. Sit back, indulge yourself and let Dene Cody's work whisk you away. SENSUAL (June, 484 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin