Image of Queen of Miami


Image of Queen of Miami

Definitely not for the squeamish or
faint of heart, this novel captures the true essence of hip-hop. Smith starts
off with a raw and realistic description of nightlife in exclusive South Beach that is gritty and captivating. A plethora of characters and near-perfect balance in revealing details that shape
the main character's personality make Queen of Miami entertaining, to say the least. Smith surpasses her debut novel with an even better story in this, her second book.

As one of Miami's trendsetting DJs, Bobbi Hayes is no slouch when it comes to excitement. When she hooks up with one of the city's hottest club promoters, Mikhail Petrov, she's pitched into a world of glamour unlike any she's ever known before. Keeping up with the Joneses becomes a way to stay on top, but it involves sacrifice beyond belief. With her life rapidly spinning out of control, Bobbi must ask herself if her exclusive pass is worth the danger and deceit she finds herself facing. (Warner, Mar., 276 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton