Image of Queen of the Night: A Novel of Suspense


Image of Queen of the Night: A Novel of Suspense

Jance has outdone herself with Queen of the Night. The intertwining stories are all intriguing and each story keeps the reader anxious for solutions. Jance also weaves in the stories of the Desert People, which adds a richness and flavor to every character and situation. This suspenseful story is loaded with twists that make it impossible to stop reading.

Retired detective Brandon Walker has been volunteering with a cold case squad when a dying friend asks Brandon to solve a case that has been bothering him for years. Brandon wants to honor his friend’s last wish, even if this case has been left unresolved for many reasons. Another murder that has been resonating with a family close to Brandon’s has border patrol officer Dan Pardee and homicide investigator Brian Fellows tracking a killer who won’t stop until his intended victims are all dispatched. (MORROW, Sep., 368 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer