Felber (aka Edith Layton) easily
moves from Regency romance to
historical fiction with this book about Isabella, the wife of Edward II -- a woman as fascinating, complex and passionate as the era. With a deep understanding of Isabella's motivation, Felber brings humanity to a woman whose actions changed the course of history in a vibrant, colorful, intelligent work of fiction.

A child bride at 12, Isabella swiftly learns that her husband is more interested in men. Parliament, wary of Edward's lovers, places Isabella on the throne to rule with Edward. As a result, she moves out of the shadows, ready to take advantage of her position -- especially after falling in love with Roger Mortimer, a traitor to the king. Roger helps her to raise a rebellion against Edward and to protect her son.

Isabella's story is told in tandem with that of Welsh-born lady-in-waiting Gwenith de Percy. Gwen is caught up in Isabella's life, and her passionate loyalty allows Isabella to pursue her private agenda while Gwen serves as her eyes, ears and messenger in an era of high intrigue. It also presents Gwen with a chance for true love. (NAL, Nov., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin