Donati has won praise for her impressive novels centering on the Bonner family and their experiences on the American frontier as they move
from the American colonies to the Canadian wilderness, one harrowing experience after another. As the times change, so do the Bonners, and this is what has turned the saga into such a fan favorite: Donati's ability to bring
her remarkable characters, and the
history that surrounds them, to life
in a way that makes readers truly
care. You'll enjoy immersing yourself
in their sometimes predictable soap opera world and glory in their triumph over tragedy.

Continuing her sweeping saga, Donati reunites Hannah Bonner and her half-brother, Montreal entrepreneur Luke, on a quest for Luke's kidnapped wife, Jennet, in the Antilles. They manage to rescue Jennet, only to find that while held captive she was forced to give up her newborn son, Nathaniel, to a stranger.

The Bonners follow the trail to New Orleans, where wealthy, powerful and corrupt Madame Agnes Poiterin is determined to hold on to her grandson. Jennet and Luke plot to take him, but in a city gone mad and on the brink of war their plan fails, and Hannah is left alone. She turns to Ben Savard, who becomes more than a friend, and together they find a way to bring the entire Bonner family home to Lake in the Clouds. (Bantam, Nov., 562 pp., $27.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin