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Image of Queen of Swords


Image of Queen of Swords

Book one in Robert’s Sanctify series kicks off in high gear. Humorous elements lighten the story’s overall space-opera mood, but there are many dark moments exploring genocide and tyranny. The characters and space setting are well developed and readers will root for the alpha hero, whose determination is easily matched by spunky, gritty Ophelia.

Ophelia Leoni is a Diviner, one of a handful of mystics who follow an outlawed religious practice. After a drunken one-night stand Ophelia learns she is destined to marry the prince of Hansard. When the prince’s brother shows up to escort her off-world she discovers he’s the stranger she just snuck out on. To complicate matters further, Boone O’Keirna wasn’t sent for his future sister-in-law; he’s there to kidnap her. Ophelia reluctantly cooperates with Boone and his sister, who are doing their best to thwart their brother and put an end to his violence and bullying. As the romance between Ophelia and Boone develops, they discover there is more at stake than when their journey began. (ENTANGLED, Mar., 246 pp. $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Karen Sweeny-Justice