Image of The Queen's Captive


Image of The Queen's Captive

The acclaimed Thornleigh series continues as the family is immersed in the aftermath of the failed Wyatt rebellion, an attempt to remove “Bloody” Mary from the throne. Kyle is adept at layering her tale with colorful descriptions, accurate details and exciting twists within a fast-paced plot designed to keep readers’ attention.

Fearing that her rival half-sister Princess Elizabeth was behind the revolt, Mary imprisons her. Honor and Richard Thornleigh, along with their son, Adam, leave Antwerp and return to England to find a way to help Elizabeth. Disguised as a laundress, Honor is able to enter Elizabeth’s household. Elizabeth is young and impulsive and it is up to Honor to help her control her emotions and begin learning how to rule; for Honor knows someday Elizabeth will be queen. Through the difficult months Honor, Richard and Adam work quietly for the Protestant cause and tread carefully as the country is still engulfed in religious fervor. A sweet romance begins between the princess and Adam, but Elizabeth knows her first love must be her country. Then Honor places herself in the path of danger to save the Thornleighs, Elizabeth and her country. (KENSINGTON, Sep., 400 pp., $15.00)
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Kathe Robin