Image of The Queen's Dollmaker


Image of The Queen's Dollmaker

Trent's debut follows the fortunes
of an intrepid heroine who triumphs
over numerous obstacles. Her portrait of the world of a dollmaker places
her in Rosalind Laker's league; she takes an unusual profession, actual
historical personages, a fascinating backdrop and places her heroine in
a world of wealth, fame, intrigue
and danger.

When fire destroys her home and a freak accident kills her parents, Claudette Laurent leaves Paris with a group of women to find work in England. She works for a social- climbing harridan, until she finds the courage to set up a small shop in London, making dolls for drapers.

Her talents bring her to the attention of a "patroness" who catapults her career upward, making every woman desire one of her lifelike dolls. As her business grows she nearly forgets Jean-Philippe, her childhood sweetheart and falls in love with another. When Marie Antoinette summons Claudette to France, she reconnects with Jean-Philippe, but becoming a friend of the ill-fated queen puts her in danger. Eventually Claudette lands in prison, where she must decide if love or loyalty will determine her fate. (KENSINGTON, Jan., 342 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin