Image of The Queen's Gamble (Thornleigh Saga)


Image of The Queen's Gamble (Thornleigh Saga)

Kyle continues the chronicles of the Thornleigh family whose lives are entwined with those of the Tudors for decades. Not only does Kyle create memorable characters, but she infuses her stories with lush historical detail, fascinating intrigues and court drama. History and romance merge, loyalty and passions run high and readers are riveted to the pages of her highly addictive novels.

Elizabeth is a young queen pulled in many directions. She must fight to stay in power and she needs the Thornleighs’ help as war is on the horizon. Isabel Thornleigh and her husband Carlos Valverde return to London where she is asked by her queen to carry funds to John Knox and the Scots rebels who are trying to drive the French out. Meanwhile Carlos is sent to aid her father with new forms of weapons for the French. Now it appears the couple are on opposing sides yet both are loyal to the Queen. However Isabel must surrender her young son into Elizabeth’s care as a guarantee against their missions. Isabel becomes drawn into the Scots rebellion and Knox’s Protestant cause. She is pulled into the fight for freedom and discovers love and loyalty have a high price. But the Thronleighs know how to play at intrigue and survive and Isabel will do whatever she must to be with her husband and son again. (KENSINGTON, Sep., 412 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin