Image of The Queen's Handmaid


Image of The Queen's Handmaid

Higley writes a fast-paced engaging plot that is not quickly forgotten. Readers will be enamored by the love story of Lydia; she may be a handmaid, but God has given her a life of service and devotion to Him.

Lydia is an integral part in God’s plan to see prophecies fulfilled. He entrusts to her care the hidden scrolls of Samuel. Lydia is destined to serve two queens of very different temperaments while keeping deep secrets on behalf of the Jewish people maintaining the land of Israel. When the palace manager, Simon, becomes involved in Lydia’s secrecies, they form a loyal friendship. Herod the Great and his sister are out to destroy all that is good within the palace. Terror is around every corner as Herod’s own sister is a mistress to the dark forces that wish to destroy the prophetic scrolls in Lydia’s possession. Lydia and Simon come together to keep the hope of the coming Messiah alive among the people. (THOMAS NELSON, Mar., 400 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lindy J. Swanson