Image of The Queen's Lady (The Lacey Chronicles, No. 2)


Image of The Queen's Lady (The Lacey Chronicles, No. 2)

Edwards follows up The Other Countess with the tale of the adventurous James Lacey and the icily beautiful Lady Jane Perceval. While the plot is not as suspenseful, Edwards makes up for it with her marvelous ability to bring characters to life. Readers will be anxiously awaiting more tales of the charming Lacey family and Edwards’ refreshing historical romance style!

Adventurous James Lacey is no longer needed as his older brother’s heir, now that he is uncle to little Wilikins. Happy for his brother and Ellie, James still feels … lost. Determined to be useful, he joins the army. The horrors of war prove to be overwhelming and he returns home a shell of his former self. Desperate to restore his beloved brother’s good spirits, Will recommends James join an expedition to America. James reluctantly agrees to go — the only reason he would stay (the perfect Lady Jane) deserves better than a broken man like him anyway, right? Meanwhile, Lady Jane Perceval barely lived down her broken engagement, and only escaped her hateful family thanks to her elderly husband. Now he’s dying, her future is uncertain and she seems to have no one in the world on her side. She begins a life at court as a queen’s Lady, hoping to maintain her independence. But her stepchildren are fighting to nullify her husband’s will, her family is attempting to marry her off and all she can hope is that the handsome James Lacey will return from America in time to rescue her from the awful position she is in. (DELACORTE, Apr., 352 pp., $17.99, ISBN: 9780385740913, HC, 14 & Up)

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Raven Haller