Amidst the terror and turmoil that plagues England during the reign of King John, Rolf of Dragonwyck veers between loyalty and betrayal in his efforts to wrest his beloved son from the hands of the malicious Earl of Seabrook.

Both King John and Seabrook believe that by holding Rolf's heir hostage they keep the "Dragon" loyal to John in a time rife with rebellion. In a foiled attempt to rescue his son, Rolf takes the Lady Annice d'Arcy captive with the hope of trading a hostage for a hostage.

But treachery is afoot when Rolf finds Dragonwyck under siege. Betrayed by an enemy from within, he must risk all to save his Annice from falling into Seabrook's hands.

Civil war is inevitable, and as England fights for her honor, Rolf and Annice must brave the horrors if they are to live to see a new dawn.

Ms. Garnett weaves an intricate tapestry ablaze with vibrant characters, chivalry, betrayal and passion. A dazzling debut in the tradition of Anita Mills and Roberta Gellis, THE QUEST is a medieval lover's treasure. SENSUAL (Nov., 336 pp., $5.50)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox