Banished to the town of Whitethistle by her brother for refusing to marry the man of his choice, the widowed Iana Duncan is determined to take Tam, the infant she promises to care for, and leave the godforsaken place behind.

Fate steps in when Iana is called upon to attend the wounded Sir Henri Bellet de Trouville. She promises, whether he lives or dies, to take him to his brothers home.

Though not very forthcoming about herself, Iana tells him a little of her plight and her fears of her brother finding her.

Henri realizes she is lovely and has the manners and demeanor of a lady, not a peasant. The truth about Ianas identity is soon revealed after their arrival at his brothers castle and a battle of wills ensues with Henri proposing marriage and Ianas adamant refusal to ever marry again.

But her heart tells her differently since they do love one another, and she knows Henri is a trustworthy and honorable man. Iana will consent to the marriage if he agrees to abide by the conditions she sets forth. The problem is, will he agree?

Ms. Stone crafts a nicely written story with its delightful characters and tempestuous romance. SENSUAL (Dec., 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond