Eight years ago, while he was astral projecting, Kirek of Rystan was separated from his body during a wormhole explosion. Luckily, his friends and family kept his body alive until he was able to return his consciousness from the Zin Galaxy.

What Kirek learned during the time his Psi was astral projecting may allow him to defeat the evil Zin empire and save the Federation. However, to do so, Kirek must evade the Zin's allies in Federation territory while he obtains the data necessary for his quest.

Captain Angel Taylor of the Raven thought she was just salvaging a derelict ship; she had no idea she was about to plunge into a mission that could cost her everything. Despite her immediate attraction to Kirek, Angel is a two-time loser in the romance department and not looking for any kind of commitment. Kirek, however, knows he's met his match, but he will have to convince Angel -- providing either of them survive their mission.

With the fate of a galaxy on the line, Kearney hammers out a thrilling new futuristic voyage that's both explosive and searingly passionate. Having watched Kirek grow up over the course of this series, it's truly satisfying to follow him on his ultimate adventure. (Jul., 323 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith