This tale about an Anglo-Jewish family's involvement with British intelligence during the Napoleonic Wars sets the stage for a series that illuminates an overlooked aspect of English history.

Under an assumed name, Rachel Roth Meyer obtains a position as a governess in Capt. Richard C. Drayton's sister's house in order to be close at hand should her father or brother, both British spies, need help.

Unknown to Rachel, the Captain's been drawn into the spy network also. Wounded in action, he returns home to find Rachel, his ward's governess, a distraction.

Her lively nature, unconventional teaching methods and nocturnal activities (he sees her running off into the night in boy's attire) add to his curiosity and raise questions about her loyaltyespecially when it appears there is a traitor close to his family.

As both Rachel and the Captain uncover the truths about each other's missions they find themselves caught in a tangled web. Not only will unmasking the traitor cause the Captain to question his honor, but the passion they discover is doomed because of their different religions.

A QUESTION OF HONOR is a combination of classic Regency and historical romance. Ms. Abrams includes many little-known historical facts while keeping the tone of the Regency era. It is the rules of society that cause conflict between the lovers and motivate their actions. The engaging characters and historical backdrop of a spy network keep the suspense high and reader interest keen. SWEET (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin