Image of A Question of Honor (Bess Crawford)


Image of A Question of Honor (Bess Crawford)

The latest Bess Crawford book from this mother-and-son writing team features a nurse working on the battlefields of France during WW I. The horror of this time is excellently portrayed, both for those fighting and for their families back in England. The writing is excellent and moving, if sometimes heartbreaking. This mystery is slightly weakened by the back-and-forth nature of the investigation between the battlefield and England, which is necessary for the story. It is, however, engaging and the mystery is strong.

Bess was raised in India, daughter of a colonel serving on the Northwest Frontier. In 1908, a respected officer comes back from England where he was escorting a wife of the regiment whose daughter had died. He is immediately charged with killing his parents in India and three people in England. The proof seems absolute. He escapes into the area controlled by the tribal leaders and is assumed to have died. Years later, in France, Bess learns that the man accused of murder may be alive and serving at the front. She is curious, but more because the incident of the soldier’s escape left a blot on her now-retired father’s career, she is determined to find the truth. (MORROW, Aug., 320 pp., $25.99)
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Page Traynor