Image of Question of Trust (Izzy Mcneil #5)


Image of Question of Trust (Izzy Mcneil #5)

Caldwell continues her streak of fun and page-turning suspense. This case focuses more on Izzy this time rather than the legal end of things, but it works well. She’s the type of character the reader wants to hug as she dodges bullets. Caldwell juggles backstory like a pro, quickly acclimating newcomers to the series.

Attorney Izzy McNeil decides to move in with her boyfriend, Theo. This major step hits a snag immediately when he fails to get approval for the mortgage. Then her apartment is broken into, and soon after that Theo is arrested for fraud. While he’s compared to Bernie Madoff, Theo swears he’s innocent and doesn’t have the money that the investors want back. Izzy has to trust the man she loves while separating the facts from her feelings. (MIRA, Mar., 384 pp., $7.99)
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Jeff Ayers