Image of Quick Fix (Ciel Halligan)


Image of Quick Fix (Ciel Halligan)

The second chapter of the In a Fix series brings us back into the world of aura adaptors, those who have the ability to become other people. Snappy storytelling and distinctive characters will keep you turning the pages. As if that’s not enough, the banter between Ciel and Billy is as infectious as their passion is full of sizzle.

Aura adaptor Ciel Halligan steps into the bodies of other people and helps fix their lives. Currently on assignment at the zoo for a client — with her best friend, Billy, and his little sister, Molly, tagging along — she believes this assignment will be a cinch. But when Molly’s new adaptor abilities turn her into a small orangutan, Ciel’s “quick fix” becomes a huge problem. Time is of the essence, as she seeks help to turn Molly back into human form and keep her out of the wrong hands. (TOR, Aug., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates