Image of Quicksilver


Image of Quicksilver

For mystery steeped in the paranormal, no one tops Quick. Her brilliant, carefully constructed plotlines are enhanced by the paranormal elements, yet she never allows either to supersede the other. Her strong characters and their sharp dialogue take center stage of this gripping story and the backdrops steeped in fog and eerie shadows capture the chilling atmosphere grippingly.

Virginia Dean is a glasslight reader; she sees the energy locked in a mirror and reads the clues to her clients. But when she awakens next to a dead body holding a knife dripping blood her gift gives her no clue. Then Owen Sweetwater breaks into the locked room. Sweetwater has his own “gifts,” which tell him she has been framed. Working with the Arcane Society he hunts a serial killer who targets the glasslight readers. Owen realizes he must protect Virginia and that he needs her skills to catch the killer. Their attraction is as powerful as their gifts and by combining their talents Owen hopes to prove Virginia innocent. Their search leads to the underbelly of London and into high society where science and the paranormal mix, making a potent and dangerous concoction. (PUTNAM, Apr., 352 pp., $25.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin