Widow Georgette Jones (Etta), mother of three, writes romance novels to pay the bills. The heroes she creates are so extraordinary that she's positive she'll never find a man in her day-to-day life who can compete. When she meets Colt Ryder at a country music concert, however, she is proved wrong. In fact, the man puts her characters to shame.

Colt has loved Etta ever since reading her first novel. Now, he must convince the author to take his pursuit of her seriously. He faces some formidable obstacles, however. Namely, her middle child, who causes Colt's plans to come apart at the seams. How can he convince Etta of his love if he cannot win the trust of her son?

Readers will fall in love with Colt! His antics to get his love's attention are ingenious. He is sweet, boyish and bombards Etta with quotes from Don Quixote. Christine Poe is awe-inspiring in this most remarkable tale of love, which will make readers beg for more. (Jul., 306 pp., $6.00)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith